shiatsu introductory courses

The introductory course offers the opportunity to get to know Shiatsu and the premises of the Shiatsu-School Kreuzberg. If you are not yet sure if you want to register for the basic training, you can do that after experiencing the introductory course.
At the same time, participation in the Shiatsu basic training is considerably easier after the prior participation in the introductory course, which is therefore explicitly recommended.

Dates in spring 2018 in English language

Class             Days                           Date                               Time                        Charge           planned teacher
G 0            Fr/Sa/Su             02.03.2018-04.03.2018            17:00-21:00 h                20 €*              English-Team
G 0            Fr/Sa/Su             16.03.2018-18.03.2018            17:00-21:00 h                10 €*              English-Team
G 0            Fr/Sa/Su             06.04.2018/08.04.2018            17:00-21:00 h                35 €*              English-Team

* last-minute offer currently valid

Introductory courses in English will be taught by different trainers and supervised by Harald Gierl.

contents of the introductory courses

The introductory course is at the same time a trial course,"business card" of the school and facilitates the start into the full Shiatsu training.

Contents are the playful introduction to the philosophical background, the imparting of the principle:"to relax by releasing weight" and the introduction of selected important basic techniques from the different technical areas. An art of sensitive touch develops, which is characterised by the fact that the practising person is guided by the body of the lying
person. One focal point is the first Shiatsu back treatment with palm technique. In addition, exercises for mobility and coordination should be mentioned. An equally healthy and effective posture is developed. During the course, there will also be enough time to answer questions that will give participants an understanding of the essence of Shiatsu.


unit price:                   85,00 €
repeat prize:                42,50 €

Reduction for unemployed persons, students and pupils under 30 years of age:            10%

Address of the school facility

Classes are held in the classrooms of the Shiatsu School Kreuzberg:
- Shiatsu-Schule Kreuzberg
- Ground floor / back building (bell: “Gartenhaus”)
- Lübbener Str. 26
- 10997 Berlin
ATTENTION! The name of the school can only be found on the
bell (no separate sign at the entrance)!
The footpath from the U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor is a little shorter
than the one from the U-Bhf Görlitzer Bahnhof.


The registration will be sent by post to the office of the Shiatsu-School:
Harald Gierl - Jahnstr. 13 - 10967 Berlin

or by e-mail to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.

bring along

to bring with you, or to watch out for:

  • loose, warm and clean clothes
  • warm socks, best wool socks
  • the street clothes brought along should also be clean and above all should not smell of smoke!
  • Tea and hot water are available in the school, everything else has to be brought along.
  • for the introductory course you don't need any writing things!


Payment of the fee is made by bank transfer to the following account:
Account holder: Harald Gierl
IBAN: DE83 7602 6000 0445 2710 00





Einführung MBSR-Training am 10.-12.5. je 18-21h: 45 €
Segment Spezial Teil 4 am 12./13.5. je 9:30-16:30h: 45 €
Feuerkurs am 30.6./1.7. je 17-22h: 45 €



Schule: Lübbener Straße 26 im Gartenhaus | 10997 Berlin | U-Bhf. Schlesisches Tor
Büro (für Anfragen und Anmeldungen): Harald Gierl | Jahnstr. 13 | 10967 Berlin
fon: 030 - 612 36 83 | e-mail: